Why the change? Link to heading

Over the years I have continued to neglect making time for blogging so I decided I would try to invest the time again. First order of business was to upgrade all the Gatsby components which are had become very dated. The upgrades did not go well and required me to dust off my limited ReactJS and GraphQL knowledge. Also my previous Gatsby had a lot of boilerplate code from repository it was based off of that I modified heavily. It all felt too heavy and overly complicated for something that I just wanted to publish blog posts to. My renew requirements where to have something that allows me to easily utilize Markdown files for blog posts.

Landing on Hugo Link to heading

Some colleagues recommended Hugo as a good alternative to Gatsby and does not require having familiarity with ReactJS and GraphQL. The quick start guide for Hugo was painless and there is a large selection of themes that can easily be incorporated into your site. To top it off it works great with Netlify and after reworking the netlify.toml, my website was published using Hugo.

Where do I go from here? Link to heading

I still have a lot of reading on Hugo as I am sure there a lot of great features to explore. I am amazed that in about an hours time I was able to switch from Gatsby to Hugo. I am going to challenge myself to try to post something every two weeks, likely to be something related to Microsoft Azure as I am actively working with technologies in that space.